Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Time to kick some booty!!

So this morning I did something I haven't done in nearly a month.
I hauled my sorry self out of bed around dark:30
Strapped on my tennis shoes
and hit the gym.
I'm sure everybody and their brother has some kind of new years resolution.
Myself, I prefer not to set vague resolutions,
I would rather set a real, obtainable goal.
Something in a real time frame,
with solid numbers 
and a goal I can reach.

That's why
I am working toward April
the end to be exact.
That is when the rock n' roll marathon will be
in Nashville,
Now I haven't registered just yet
I have to talk my hubby into making the drive
however wether I am crazy or not
I am officially in training for the Rock n' Roll half marathon.

I found some inspiration from Raechel Myers
She, like me does not like to run
BUT has decided to kick running in the butt and do something about it
so I decided to take the challenge and complete something I started

Now I am only one day in
and as I said I have not registered yet
but I'm not just going to sit on this
I'm getting up and going somewhere
I'm hoping that you all will help keep me accountable,
because it's about time that I had a new goal.
it's about time I finish something.
It's about time I kick some booty!  


  1. We only live about 3 hours from Nashville, depending on when that will be we may be able to come cheer you on! How fun would that be?!

    1. WOAH!! That would be amazing! :D I miss your face lady!

    2. If it's on a weekend when I don't have a show maybe we could do some touristy stuff in Nashville or something :) I miss your face too!

    3. Yes, that would be the bomb! It's the weekend of April 27th I believe!


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