Monday, February 25, 2013

Birchbox again!

Up next December's Birchbox!  

That's right it seems I'm STILL opening Christmas Presents... :) This box was full of fun so let's get to it! 

Do not ope until Dec. 25th 
 Christmas Birchbox style is one you don't want to miss. This box was just packed with all kinds of goodies.

 First up Color Control Repair Cream from Juice Beauty. I am very familiar with Juice products and was thrilled to see this logo. I truly love this handy lil cream, it was very rich and creamy!

 Here I found a different look at a brand that I thought I knew. L'Oreal. This Kerastase Nectar Thermique is a big fancy name for a heat protectant. I have to admit, I'm more partial to a spray protectant rather than a cream but this smelled lovely and did the job!
 And, what girl doesn't love lotion. It seems we all walk this world with some degree of dry skin ever in search of a solution, one of the best options Thymes Naia Body Lotion!

As a bonus a cute little trail of another Thymes lotion, the Lotus Santal.

Lastly a great new HUGE trail of a Model Co Shine Lip Gloss. Mine was in Berry Pink which was just perfect for me and I must admit this was my favorite product in this box, it was huge, pink shiny and it came with a built in mirror! Great job on this one BirchBox!!

I have to say of all the boxes I have recieved this one was wonderful each product suited me to a T, it just goes to show you, with BirchBox you just have to stick with it! You know sooner or later you're going to get some GREAT stuff in your box! 
I would say the ladies at BirchBox have lucky friends because they know how to give great gifts! 

Do you like what you have seen about Birchbox, and want to check it out for yourself? I encourage you to jump on it, they have great deals and offer awesome rewards for reviewing their products plus it's just a fun community to be a part of. So if this strikes your fancy head on over here and tell they I sent ya!! 

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