Friday, February 8, 2013

High 5 for Friday

Well Howdy,

I must admit, it seems when I get set on one thing I run at it with all of my might and sometimes the other things in my life suffer. Boy I have missed my blog!

High 5 for Friday~ Lauren ~ From My Grey Desk

So here is my week for ya! 

I have to admit I'm not always totally enchanted by the town I live in. However, sometimes the sun hits it just right and boy those roof tops sing!

On Saturday last weekend I had the pleasure of lunch with my sister and we got to exchange Christmas presents (finally) She made this cute little cowell, isn't she crafty?

I go through phases and my recent phase has been tea. My favorite this week: Blueberry! Now it's not the best Blueberry I have ever had (it's a bit grape-y tasting) but it's enough to curb the craving!

HA! I can't help but laugh, I look ridiculous. Early in the week I was told that I looked like a cartoon. That's a new one! 

 Rainy days are some of my favorite. As long as I can stay inside. What can I say, it's a conditional love. But cute boots and an adorable umbrella make going out in it easier.

That's my week in pictures how was your week??

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