Friday, February 22, 2013

High 5 for Friday

Hey there Friends,

This week has been a good one, some fun, some not so fun and a whole lot of life.

High 5 for Friday with Lauren: From My Grey Desk (PS Who doesn't love that she spells Grey that way? :)


Seriously, I swear I have the cutest co-workers. This is the pastor's littlest daughter and isn't she just a doll? 


This is what we do at small group. Our hosts have several goats and some of them happen to be babies. Since it's been so cold, these babies needed a little help this week so I got to go along for supper time. Seriously, I want goats now! 

My Mantra this week. My biggest lesson/struggle lately has been, keeping my eye on and my faith in the one God that I know holds on to me no matter what. Been needing this daily sometimes hourly reminder at my little desk, keeping my heart in the right place. It's true no matter how the ships been battered or how hard it is to see the shore 
the anchor holds.

AH HA HAPPY MAIL! I came home to a particularly long day at work to a sweet package with that beautiful mug inside. 

 Then come yesterday. The snow-pocalyps has descended on my quaint little town and just in time I has some free samples waiting on me to come in from the cold and warm up! Yum!

I hope your week has been the best one yet, and that if this winter reminder has come to visit you that you are warm and cozy safe at home!

Want more High 5s, (and who doesn't?) Head over HERE!

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