Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Somebody has a new coat!

     I meant to share these with you for some time. This little cutie had a bit of a bad hair cut and poor girl was nearly naked. Since we were going into the cold winter months we decided to get Miss B a coat. 
     Now, I am not the kind of serious "dress your dog up" kind of gal, and no offense meant if you are but I don't normally do this, unless it's in jest. But she just looked so stinking cute I couldn't not share! 

There you have it. 
Little Miss Model dog. 
She actually seems to be quite enjoying that coat. 
*Disclaimer* in the time it took me to get these picture posted, 'Miss Model dog actually tore up the left shoulder of her coat with what I claim is a nervous habit/itch. Which means I now have to find a way to make her a new 'scratch proof' coat* 
Love that dog! :) 
And yes she does have eyes its just difficult to capture dark eyes under a fringe of dark hair! 

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