Thursday, February 21, 2013

Who Loves Nescafe Freebies?

This Gal, that's right!

In the last few months I have gotten into a few neat websites where to get a few freebies and then you write a few reviews and it's fun all the way around! They get a couple honest opinions and I get some awesome products plus I get to tell you guys all about it.

This go around I got linked up with BzzAgent and heard about a new product from Nescafe called Mementos.

These little gems showed up in my mail just the other day and it just made me giddy. Because come on, who doesn't love mail? Who doesn't love free goodies? Best of all who doesn't love coffee?

 These beauties are a quick convenient coffee drink. Rather than having to get out and going to a coffee shop I can have yummy coffee drinks just as quick as I can boil water.

 Here's how it works: Nescafe Memento comes in 3 yummy flavors. Mocha, Carmel Latte, and Cappuccino. So pick your flavor.

 Then you take your handy little packet, that fits in a pocket or a purse and just mix it with about 10oz of hot (or boiling) water. Mix it up and enjoy! It's as easy as a packet of hot chocolate and as yummy as something you might get at that big coffee shop.

As just a couple bucks a box it won't break the bank and right at 100 calories a cup you won't bust your diet either. My only suggestion... when mixed with 10oz of hot water per the instructions the flavor was a bit milder than I prefer. Now I know several people that aren't into coffee as much and I think it would be great for them, however I was happier with the results at closer to 7oz. 

This was such a fun campaign and I really enjoyed it. Is you are interested in trying a few of these out, as part of the campaign I also was sent some awesome coupons for The Mementos as well. If you would like one of these, leave me a comment, I would love to send you one!! 

Lastly does BzzCampaigns sound like something you would like to do. Check them out here

PS This is a review for BzzCampaigns and Nescafe Mementos but all of the above is my very own and original opinions. I wasn't paid for this just supplied with samples to try and review! 

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