Love Story

     Ours may not be quite as epic as the 1970 movie, or the book it was based on but the story of E and I is classic. 
     I grew up in small town south eastern Missouri, He grew up in even smaller town north eastern Missouri. Our paths crossed in college, this first day of classes freshman year. We knew then we were in for the adventure of a life time. 
    Dating in college was as much fun as anyone could ask for, all kinds of events and things to go to friends to hang out with.... only it seemed we always had completely opposite schedules. However we always managed to squeeze in a stroll around campus every few nights, just the two of us and that was enough.

     Four years and two college degrees later we knew we were ready so we tied the knot! After a year of planning and preparing for two very large German families our big day was FINALLY here and it really was the BEST day of our lives.
         Since that day we have been working on building a marriage even more beautiful as our amazing day. We've only been at it about a year, and we hope for many, many, many more. Neither of us is perfect but we are learning to communicate and love each other through thick and thin, as well as asking for each others forgiveness on a regular basis. There is no one on earth I would rather go through this life with. He's my love and my best friend and God truly is writing our love story.

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