As long as I can remember I have loved cameras. Just ask my mother from the very beginning I was a huge camera ham! I'd hear the click from across the room and I'd flash a smile that would put Vanna White to shame. At that point, what I didn't realize was that my true calling was found behind the shutter not in front of it! 
     When I was a junior in high school I bought my very own digital point and shoot camera with some birthday money and from that moment, I began clicking up a storm. I began experimenting with depth of field, lighting and arrangement even before I really knew what all those words meant. For the last two years of high school that camera went everywhere I did. I captured so many memories with that little thing. 
     When I got into college I discovered that I could take classes that would actually teach me how to be a better photographer! I had been unleashed! This wasn't just a fun little hobby anymore, I realized that there is a whole world out there just waiting to be captured and I could be the one to do that. I learned all the technical terms, and the basics and I loved every single minute of it. Later that year my parents surprised me with my very own digital SLR that has been my constant companion for several years now.
     Since then I have set my goal to one day own my own photography business and be able to share my love of capturing life with everyone. I do small jobs on the side of my full time job at the moment,as well as taking as many classes and seminars as I can to continue my education. I want to be as ready and prepared as I can when God provides a way for this! Slowly but surely I am also building up my supplies and equipment in preparation. (and it's just fun to have new equipment to play with) 
     Here is some of my work that I have done recently. I love to shoot outside in natural light, using God's creation is the best backdrop I have found!

 Josiah Wills : Senior Pictures

 John & Laura Lanier : Couples Shoot

 Mission Work : Las Pilas, Mexico

 Joel & Jan Snyder : Engagement

     Daniel Wills & Heather Prunty : Couples Shoot

This truly is my passion and my love. So if you have mile stones, special moments and memories to capture please give me a call. I would love to be there for you to make sure that you won't ever forget these days!

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